Thai warship

The Thai warship capsized in the Gulf of Thailand with 100 crew members. Where the navy rescued 75 of the sailors, still leaving 31 missings. HTMS Sukhothai, a Thai warship, sucked last Sunday due to a short circuit in the control room.

The report suggests that the water in the storm reached the control system leading to system failure. Images from the incidents share the pics of survivors in a lifeboat rescued by the navy.

The navy spokesperson told the press that they would keep looking for the remaining sailors. The navy ran the search and rescue mission throughout the night to find the crew. The air force joined the resume efforts on Monday morning. The navy also started an investigation into the Thai warship and the reasons behind its capsize.

Admiral Pogkrong Monthardpalin, the spokesperson, came forth to answer the press. He said that not even a single ship sunk in the history of the navy, not an active ship in duty.

The Navy shared the images of the incidents on Twitter. The images show the navy wrapping blankets against the survivors. They airlifted some of the rescued crew members that required immediate medical attention.

The images also showed the sailors for Sukhothai in a life raft. They have to jump from the sinking Thai warship to save their lives. In an interview with a survivor, he said that they were in the water for hours before the navy came to their rescue.

He said that a three-meter high wave hit the shit when he put on his life jacket and jumped. The ship was gone, and he swiped for three hours until his rescue.

According to the official, a high tide hit the Thai warship, and water flooded its hull. The nexus short-circuited the system leading to events. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Cha confirmed the investigation of the disaster by the official. He also said that five people were seriously injured in the process.

Credits: BBC

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