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The Russia-Ukraine war will soon take turns with a failing Russian military campaign. The epic failure time for Russia will soon begin. Then, Ukraine will have a golden opportunity to strike back. The report is from the Britain Foreign Intelligence services.

MI6 Chief Richard Moore saw failure in capturing Kyiv and removing Ukraine’s president. The chief made this point during Aspen Security Forum. He stated,” Our assessment is that the Russians will increasingly find it difficult to find manpower and materiel over the next few weeks. So they will have to pause in some way, and that will give the Ukrainians the opportunity to strike back.”

He added by saying that this is one of the most heinous invasions of all time. Russia, with its military campaign, behaved inhumanely toward Ukraine’s citizens. The focus is on the view of a more optimistic and yet the most artistic counter-attack from Ukraine. The supplies from the West were effectively used. It helped Ukraine to push back Russia to great lengths.

The chief also explained that Ukraine’s successful military campaign indicates the power of the rest of Europe. And, it is a winnable campaign. But, first, winter will make time difficult for Russian soldiers. Then, with no steam, the military campaign will fall to the ground. And that is when Ukraine must strike with all its power.

Ukrainians’ win is very important. They were in a very difficult time. The West needs to continue its support as Chinese leader Xi Jinping is looking for a situation like a hawk to strike at the world.

Putin’s tour to Iran made it clear that he was doing fine. He also gave an account of Putin’s bad health condition. There is no evidence to prove this theory.

He also added that China must have learnt some lessons from Putin’s failure due to the invasion. But, again, it is hard to say, and one can never read Xi Jinping’s next move. Though, at its best, the West supporting Ukraine was necessary.

Credits: BBC

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