Ukrainian port

A day after, Moscow and Kyiv entered into a critical deal to restart the export of grains. Two Kalibr missiles struck the Ukrainian port, leaving export operations stranded.

Ukraine and Russia, on Friday, signed an agreement. It permitted the uninterrupted export of tonnes of maize and wheat across the Black Sea. It was due to the grain shortage faced across the globe. These exports were to be carried out from the Odesa Port. It is a key port for this activity.

The crux of the deal entered Istanbul with the joint efforts of the UN and Turkey. It also cleared the ships and merchant vessels transporting grains and not attack them, given the precarious waters they were sailing in.

In complete ignorance of international law and consensus on the export of grains, Russia targeted a port vital for export, thereby adding to the international food crisis adversely affecting the world. The deliberate target of the port, despite the deal to avoid blocking grain shipments, has received criticism from officials at the United Nations and European Union.

Two Kalibr missiles shot, rattling the Ukrainian port and port facilities. While two other missiles detected and shot down by the Ukrainian air defense systems. A total of at least six explosions heard in Odesa, all in complete contradiction to the agreement entered into in Istanbul.

Violation of the deal was bound to have negative repercussions. Nevertheless, the African Union leaders welcomed the deal due to their massive dependency on Ukrainian wheat. It contributes to about 40 percent of the wheat for the World Food Programme.

The Russian missile strike severely condemned. It accused Russians of weaponizing food, for which it must be accountable. Russia has also been restricting maritime exports. This led to millions of tons of perishable grains remaining blocked and many dependent nations facing scarcity.

Credits: BBC

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