Meeting between Russian and Turkish Presidents
Meeting between Russian and Turkish Presidents

We know that Russia’s President Putin is very strong when it comes to taking actions and he has already mentioned that he would not tolerate anything when it comes to the war with Ukraine because of the fact that Russia is seen as a country which can’t end the war with Ukraine as it was expected to. Due to this reason, Russia has ended the grain deal with Ukraine earlier this year and this has caused the Turkish President to come into action as well. This is because Ukraine was able to export a large portion of these grains to Turkey which had stabilized the situation in Turkey quite a lot.

With this deal being gone, Turkey is stuck without grains now and that is why Turkish President decided to pay a visit to the Russian President and try to convince him to agree to the grain deal once again. But as we all know, Russian President was having none of it and demanded that he will only agree to the deal if West meets his demands. After the meeting, it was announced that “Qatar buys 1 million tons of Russian grain for processing in Turkey and distribution to select African states.” which is seen as a damage control for Putin’s image.

Turkish President Ergogan also used the Russian President in order to win the elections in Turkey which took place earlier this year as Putin announced a two-month extension to the Ukraine grain deal but now that the deal is over, the Turkish President is feeling the heat once again. He also opposed the NATO’s decision to include Sweden into the alliance and even vetoed it but is now seen doing damage control with Europe and NATO which has not gone down well with Russia and Putin. Also, Erdogan let Sweden join NATO and even showed his agreement on Ukraine joining the alliance as well. This obviously enraged Putin who “drove home its displeasure, sending troops to board a Turkish cargo vessel and broadcasting footage of the crew as they were forced to kneel at gunpoint” to show his strength.

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