Putin’s most prominent opposition, Navalny, got nine years of prison. It was under the strict regime penal colony. Navalny was under detention from last year. He was in the process of serving three and half years in jail. However, it was for breaking bail conditions.

The judge announced him guilty of fraud and contempt of court. He also had the accusation of stealing $4.7m. As the ruling readout, a very frail Navalny folded his arms and exchanged words with his counsel.

He also accused the authorities of jamming his “final statement” in court. However, he and his supporters will continue to fight censorship. It is to “convey the truth to the people of Russia.”Navalny’s lawyers also spotted in the detainment. He got transferred and hustled onto a police bus. It was near the penitentiary in Pokrov. Also, it is in the east of Moscow. It was after the judgment got released.

However, this judgment was never a surprise. People were expecting the same with Alexei Navalny’s case. His FBK anti-corruption foundation was also branded radical. He now risks a ban from public life for over a decade.

The trial took place at the Pokrov correctional colony. It was where Navalny transported last year after imprisonment. It is also for failing to comply with bail requirements. This was while receiving life-saving treatment in Berlin. However, it happened after the August 2020 nerve agent assault.

The Kremlin seriously denied any participation in the poisoning of Navalny. However, it was under President Vladimir Putin’s most vocal domestic adversary.

With the world’s attention stuck on Ukraine. Navalny’s spokesperson calls it a horrible crime. She called out his freedom in danger. They also accused the government of attempts to kill him in Siberia. Navalny’s trial took over as a sham. However, it is with Amnesty International.

Credits: BBC

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