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Russian defense minister notifies the explosion of Moskva, the Russian missile cruiser. It is still floating, taking the space of 186-meter. Ukraine blames it for trucking it with Neptune missiles. The real reason is still to come up.

The missile cruiser is to have 510-crew members. Russia was also in the full chase to assault Ukraine. It is an important symbolic and military target.

The missile cruiser Moskva came up as a threat after attacking Ukrainian border troops. The troops were defending the Snake Island in the Black Sea. They even memorably radioed messages. It translates to “go to hell”.

The real reason for the missile cruiser going under is disputable. There is also a 50-50 chance that the attack was a missile attack or an unexplained fire.

The Russian defense ministry discusses the vessel being seriously damaged. The crew talks of evacuation. The defense ministry says they will tow the warship to the port as it is still afloat.

Ukraine holds the missile strike responsible for the current status of the missile cruiser. It is to target Ukraine-made missiles. The cruiser even started to sink.

Ukraine officials brought it to the notice on Facebook. It calls out to the Russian rescue efforts. It also hampers the ammunition exploding the board and bad weather.

Moskva was off the coast of Crimea. It was but three years, as per BBC. It was leading the Navy Day Celebration. 12,500 tonne Moskva reports some seriously damaged. It is the fire causing ammunition to detonate.

The ministry also discusses the need for a flagship program with Russia’s Black Sea fleet. The symbol of Russia’s military power is enthralling at the same time. The missile cruiser built in Ukraine during the Soviet era. It is the third-largest vessel discussing the need for Russia’s active fleet. The heavily defended asset is one of the features. The international institute also calls out a triple-tiered defense system.

Credits: BBC

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