Russian attack

US President cautions Russian attack on Ukraine can cost many human lives. There is still a possibility of Russia invading Ukraine. The massive Russian troops consisting of 150,000 soldiers are on Ukraine’s border.

The defense department of Russia gave a statement this Wednesday. The troops were participating in the military drills. Also, they are going to move to the deployment point. Though, the number of troops leaving was not specified.

The local television forecasted the military vehicle crossing the bridge to leave Crimea. The tension still persists among the western leaders. NATO announces no signs of de-escalation of the troops.

Jens Stoltenberg is the secretary-general. According to him, Russia is still building the military over the borders.

Joe Biden’s comment vocalized his statement during the conference. Russia’s withdrawal is going to be a relief. But, the air is still not clean. The analysis still points out the possibility of Russian attack.

Ukraine is fighting through cyber attacks. Last Tuesday, Ukraine’s defense ministry and two banks were under cyber attack. The government websites are suffering large-scale attacks.

Russia continues to deny any involvement in those cyberattacks. These activities increase the possibility of invasion. The critical infrastructure of Ukraine is on the radar of Russia.

Russia’s President, Mr. Putin, denies all the incursion-related rumors. The country is only trying to address the security concerns from NATO. Russia doesn’t want any war in Europe. The tension continues to build up across the borders.

US intelligence believes that Russia can still attack Ukraine. The Ukrainian president asks the citizens to wave the country’s flag. The citizens wear blue and yellow ribbons in resistance to Russia’s invasion.

Russia and Ukraine share deep cultural and historical relations. Mr. Putin demands Ukraine not to join NATO. He also considers the expansion of NATO a threat to Russia’s security.

Mr. Biden, though, agrees to Russia’s demand. He doesn’t want war either, and it can create disruption in the American economy.

Credits: BBC

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