France and the other allies withdraw their troops from Mali. The troops have to fight the Islamist militants. The decision was after the breakdown in diplomatic relations. There was hostility from Mali’s governing junta.

The forces are going to re-deploy Africa’s Sahel region. He also said in the news conference, “We cannot remain engaged alongside de-facto authorities whose strategy and hidden aims we do not share.”

He denied the claims on all the failures. France will also continue to fight against combating Islamist insurgencies. The acceptance of failure is not on the agenda. He ends up adding that Niger agrees to host the withdrawal.

France involved itself in a unifying role in international mobilization. Also, it will continue to do the same.

The move was after the meeting of European and African leaders. It took over the Elysee palace on Wednesday night. The country also had involvement in the French-led Tabuk Task Force. The Force made plans on how it will involve itself in the region. The area of concern is still Niger and the Gulf of Guinea. The coordination from the neighboring state supported the engagement.

5000 French troops were in the Sahel region. It was part of Operation Barkhane. 2,400 of the troops were also in three bases in northern Mali.

Mali is one of the poorest nations. The condition also deteriorated with the army taking over. The relationship between France and Mali is not positive. The tension continued to increase after the junta came at the agreement. They are also going to arrange an election in February.

The dozen western nations condemned the deployment of Russia-based Wagner. Mr. Macron also cautions the need to secure economic interest and Junta.

The withdrawal also has security implications in the region of Sahel. The Islamist insurgencies across the border are grappling.

Alassane Outtara, Ivory Coast President, stated the move as “a vacuum”. It is also going to increase the burden on regional governments. The obligation to increase the defense forces on borders becomes necessary.

Credits: BBC

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