Germany’s foreign ministry accuses Russia of sabotaging the peace. It is calling diplomacy a “Cold War-like”. There is a serious demand for de-escalation of troops.

The accusation came after the US President’s warning to Russia. The invasion can break out immediately. It will not come as a shock but will definitely stress the diplomatic relationship.

Russia is defusing the claims. It says that the US is trying to aggravate the tension. The country is participating in peaceful drills. The troops have moved back to permanent bases.

Though, western power assumes almost 130,000 Russian soldiers. They say no evidence of withdrawal as of now.

Annalena Baerbock is the Foreign minister of Germany. She recently vouched as the western politician on the Russian build-up. She also shows concerns about military personnel and equipment stationed around Ukraine.

At the Munich Security Conference, the world leaders set to meet. Russia is also challenging the fundamental principles of the European peace order. The demands of Russia are baseless, calling for a “Cold War”.

The demands will curb the western military power. Russia made demands which could forsake European Security. She also claims that the country is within its own sphere.

The west completely rejects the idea of Russia. It also has the right to influence the foreign policy of countries close to borders. It is more like the Soviet Union did during the cold war.

At that time, the cold war was the post-war period of the 20th century. The West and the Soviet’s rivalry continues. Every step toward peace is better than war.

Joe Biden calls Russia’s dispersal of troops the false flag operation. Antony Blinken, US Secretary, stated, “a fabricated so-called terrorist bombing inside Russia, the invented discovery of a mass grave, a staged drone strike against civilians, or a fake – even a real – attack using chemical weapons.”

The West wants diplomacy to reach a fruitful place. Russia also needs to hold back the troops and resolve the tension.

Credits: BBC

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