nuclear weapons

The head of GCHQ said that Russia might not use nuclear weapons. There have been no visible signs from Russia in this matter. There was also no suspicious activity from Russia’s side in this matter. But Sir Jeremy warned that talks on nuclear weapons could be dangerous.

GCHQ is positive that they can predict indicators of nuclear weapon usage before its use. This is why Sir Jeremy said that any nuclear talks could lead to difficult situations. The Russian military is operating under military laws, as per many experts. They say that because they are not planning to use nuclear weapons.

Vladimir Putin knows what nuclear weapons are capable of doing to both the war economies. Putin knows that there is no need for such a drastic escalation. But on the other hand, Russia is facing loss after loss on the battlefield. The army is retreating, and ammunition is falling short. This puts Russia in a difficult stage.

Despite the clear losses, Russia can still do dangerous things on the battlefield. We must not forget the number of war crimes they have committed against the Ukrainians. Russia continues to strike towns and cities in Ukraine. It is capable of doing grave damage. We must behave wisely.

Russia is reeling under economic distress as of now. All the gains Russia gained are now reversed due to Ukraine’s diligent efforts. This has shown the natural face of Mr. Putin and his ability as a global leader to make decisions. His decisions are getting flawed and destructive. The population of Russia also believes this now.

Sir Jeremy also spoke on data usage and privacy. He said that we should be careful while using apps like TikTok. Also, he said that he wouldn’t stop anyone from using it, but we should be careful. He also said that China stands at a crucial moment now.

Credits: BBC

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