Crimea Bridge

Russia stated that it detained 8 people in connection with the explosion on Saturday. It took place on Crimea Bridge which links Russia and Crimea.

As per the report, 5 of them were Russian, and the rest were Armenian and Ukrainian. Russia claims that Kyiv was behind the attack. However, an Ukranian official has denied this. The explosions were reported in Kherson, Nikopol, and Zaporizhzhia.

People have heard 5 explosions in Kherson. It is one of the biggest cities under Russian occupation.

The air defense system in the city was activated. BBC’s Hugo Bachega in Kyiv said that what triggered the explosion is still unknown.

The military of Ukraine said that its troops continued to advance in the region. They continued to capture the other 5 settlements.

Blasts also took place in different Ukrain-controlled cities. According to a Ukrainian presidential spokesman, 3 people injured severely. It happened because of shelling in Nikopol. A 6-year-old victim is there as well.

As per Ukraine’s Military Ministry, multiple S-300 missiles had fallen around Zaporizhzhia. It also destroyed a residential building. A family was saved from the wreckage.

The Crimea Bridge blast was a strong symbolic blow to Vladimir Putin, the Russian President. In 2018, he also opened the bridge after the annexation of Russia of Crimea.

Putin marked the explosion as an “act of terrorism”. He also said that the objective was to destroy an important civil infrastructure of Russia.

According to FSB, explosives were in plastic rolls. However, Andriy Yusov has denied the Russian accusations. The Russian forces retaliated on Monday with missile strike waves over the country. It has killed 19 people.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, called to look for new ways to apply political pressure. The goal is to pressure Russia and show support for Ukraine. Nato said that it is going to support it as long as necessary.

The explosion on the Crimea Bridge has surprised the entire nation. Secrets are also going to unfold in the coming days.

Credits: BBC

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