North Korea

North Korea is selling military equipment and weapons to Russia. The sanctions put on Russia are doing their job. However, Moscow is not able to supplement its military. Various US reports and media channels reported this.

New York Times reportedly got a tip-off. The tip-off had declassified intelligence. Pyongyang has sold millions of rockets and artillery shells to Russia. This also shows that North Korea is an ally of Russia.

North Korea and Iran faced various western sanctions. This made an excellent common ground for Russia and these countries. As a result, North Korea and Iran will reportedly deepen their ties with Russia.

North Korea blamed the US for this war. It also recognized the two statelets of Russia- Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that both countries would increase their bilateral relations. This can be a major shock to Ukraine.

Russia buying weapons from North Korea shows a different picture of the country. It means that Russia is facing problems in Ukraine. This can be a result of sanctions and geopolitical pressure. A US official told this to the Associated Press.

Despite the sanctions, Russia is still making a lot of money from its energy exports. It earned £136 billion from the surge in oil prices only. European Union bought half of this value. This shows a very confusing picture of the war.

The US also mentioned that Russia received its first set of Iranian drones. They say that Russian operators went to Iran for training. But reports say that drones have many technical problems. Iran continues to deny everything officially.

Russia is still attacking parts of Ukraine, including the Kharkiv and the Kryvyi Rih area. In addition, the Ukrainian forces shelled the Donetsk region of Ukraine. Though Russia seems to have the higher ground, it is still facing shortages. Therefore, Ukraine needs to fight and gain control of lost areas.

Credits: BBC

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