Putin says America aims to impose more sanctions on Russia. The US pays no attention to the expansion of Nato. The US is blaming Russia for invading Ukraine. And this is not something Russia favors.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken tweets, “The US committed to preventing a conflict that is in no one’s interest”.

El Pais, a Spanish newspaper, releases confidential documents sent to Russia.

It includes talks on reducing nuclear weapons. It also contains trust-building measures.

The movement of equipped 100,000 Russian troops to the Ukraine border is in the highlights.

Moscow, in turn, accused the Ukrainian government of trying to restore peace. Ukrainian President states that a Russian invasion would be a war in Europe.

Russia says that the US refuses to pay attention to Moscow’s concern. Russian demands for bound security guarantees are not even discussed.

This includes a block on the Nato alliance’s further expansion to the east. The rivalry between Russia and the US poses the biggest threat to the world.

This rivalry dates back to the Cold War(1947-89). Putin also says if Ukraine joined Nato, it would put other members into war.

Omit, Mr. Blinken emphasizes the US willingness to discuss mutual security concerns. Russia responded to a US proposal aimed at accelerating the crisis in Ukraine.

Hours later, the news declined by Russia’s deputy foreign minister. El Pais documents suggest a US proposal.

It also talks about reciprocal commitments between the US and Russia. This is to refrain them from deploying missile systems.

It also aims to prevent permanent forces in the territory of Ukraine. It also includes a vow to reduce nuclear weapons and missile launchers.

This is on Russia reducing threats to Ukraine. The US also suggests a transparency mechanism.

This is to propose a way that there are no cruise missiles at Nato bases. This is in exchange for the US doing the same at Russian bases. The document also says that the US would discuss all concerns with European security.

Credits: BBC

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