New Zealand

New Zealand made an announcement to reopen and ease covid restriction. The country set some of the toughest covid restrictions. However, it is good news. The citizens can now return home.

The country allowed vaccinated citizens from Australia. They don’t need to undergo any hotel quarantine. They can travel back from 27 February 2022. Jabbed citizens can start back from 13 March.

The government expects the citizens to self-isolate themselves for 10 days. The announcement came out after the Wellington controversy. New Zealand also received a lot of criticism on its closed-border policy. New Zealand shut down the border for two years.

In the meantime, the country recorded 53 deaths. The number of infected patients was only 17,000 in the country. The close board indeed brings in a lot of benefits to the citizens in the country. It came as torture for those overseas. The high demand for hotel quarantine prevented many Kiwis from going back home.

One of the citizens, Joe Mulcare, couldn’t go back to New Zealand. He states, “I’m really happy that I now have the opportunity to get home but have felt a lot of frustration and confusion over New Zealand’s halted approach when the rest of the world is moving on with opening up and co-existing with Covid.”

They missed a lot of funerals and weddings of their families and friends. New Zealanders faced a lot of difficulties in not returning home. Finally, the wait is over. One of the pregnant New Zealanders also sought permission to give birth from the Taliban. The government rejected her request to return home.

The opening of borders is a positive step toward establishing a balance. The inflows of travelers and people can reunite. The healthcare system can finally manage the increase in cases.

The Prime Minister effectively calls out “life before” the virus. And, there is an existence of life after covid too. The government is also trying to reach the destination. More and more citizens are getting vaccinated. They are also eligible for boosters. New Zealand welcomes back all its citizens.

Credits: BBC

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