Regent Taipei Launches “Magic Mirror Fitness Journey” Room Package for the Body and Soul’s Wellbeing

Creating a New and Healthy Vacation Experience in the COVID-19 Era

TAIPEI, April 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has changed society’s attitudes towards life while “Wellness” has become a crucial subject that everyone discusses in their everyday routine whether it is their dietary habits or social life.

Combining urban vacations with the concept of health and wellness, while deepening the purpose and significance of travel, are objectives that Regent Taipei continues to promote.

Regent Taipei, owned by Silks Hotel Group, has planned a series of room package deals with trendy dining and facilities that conform to the concept of Wellness, aiming to ensure guests have a leisure filled stay, and prioritizing their physical and mental health.

Regent Taipei Launches “Magic Mirror Fitness Journey” Room Package for the Body and Soul’s Wellbeing
Regent Taipei Launches “Magic Mirror Fitness Journey” Room Package for the Body and Soul’s Wellbeing

With the pandemic under control in Taiwan, Regent Taipei has emphasized “Staying Fit on Vacation” as its slogan, which correlates to the trend of exercising and staying fit anytime and anywhere.

From today onwards, Regent Taipei will be collaborating with JOHNSON, the international famous fitness brand, to launch the “Magic Mirror Fitness Journey” room package deal.

For $5,800 NTD, guests can enjoy a stay in the luxurious Penthouse and enjoy unlimited access to the new and buzzworthy smart technology, Johnson@Mirror.

Guests can tailor their fitness program from a selection of over 500 programs for up to 24 hours nonstop, transforming their room into a private and stress-free training environment.

On the next morning, guests can enjoy a sumptuous buffet breakfast at the CNN-accredited restaurant, Brasserie.

Home workout is a new lifestyle that emerged out of a COVID-era, and the Johnson@Mirror embodies the trend of in-house fitness. It not only improves the hotel’s personalized service but also meets the needs of those who want to maintain their fitness habits during their vacation.

Furthermore, Regent Taipei has invited a well-known yoga instructor and a Chinese medicine doctor to launch the A Meridian Tour – When Yoga Meets Chinese Remedies room package deal.

Enjoy a three-day two-night stay at a price of starting from $16,800 NTD per person.

The package entails a Meridian Yoga Course jointly taught by two instructors, two-night stay in Regent Taipei’s luxurious rooms, and Tai Pan Lounge privileges, and a 30% discount on treatments in Wellspring SPA, that won five consecutive years of World Spa Awards.

Guests will have the opportunity to learn Meridian Yoga that combines the essence of Chinese medicine with yoga postures.

Meridian Yoga is known to help the movement of Qi and blood flow, and give proper stimulation to certain pressure points throughout the body to help the body’s natural circulation repair and achieve a state of balance between the mind and body.

To deepen this experience, Tai Pan Lounge introduced healthy options for food and beverages like the healthy green smoothie that helps detox the body and mind.

Regent Taipei has also launched a Salad Bar to Drink, which derives from a traditional Mediterranean diet that uses high-fiber and low-calorie plants combined with organic green vegetables, root vegetables, fresh fruits, plant seeds, and other natural and nutritious ingredients.

Gallery will offer four types of nutritious, healthy, and replenishing Green Smoothies, including spinach kale, beetroot pineapple, corn barley with avocado, and tomato with sweet potato and oranges. Replenish your mind and body at Regent Taipei.

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