Raila Odinga
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Raila Odinga is a presidential candidate for Kenya. Or maybe she was. She came second in the presidential election. This made her question the results. So, she channeled the election results.

Raila Odinga has already assigned lawyers for this case. The lawyers also confirmed that they had filed a legal case. The case is against the election result. It also challenges the result.

Odinga lost to William Ruto. William Ruto is now the new President of Kenya. The Electoral Commission declared the results. William Ruto took 50.5% of the votes. However, Raila Odinga took 48.8% of the votes.

The election commissioners also refused to accept the result. Four of the seven commissioners took this path. However, they believe that the way of talking was opaque. Now, Judges of the Supreme Court have 14 days to decide.

Odinga put forward his argument. First, he alleged the manipulation of voter turnout. He alleged the alteration of numbers. The allegations also say that Mr. Ruto’s vote count forcefully crossed the 50% threshold. Odinga said that the goal was to avoid the second round.

Odinga’s supporters gathered in Nairobi. They protested in support of Odinga. They had placards with them. The signs read “Protect our vote” and “Electoral Justice Now”.

This is Raila Odinga’s third time in court. He went to the court three times to get the results changed. Also, he described it as a “travesty”. He protested that the results were either null or void.

However, the IEBC tried to conduct the elections fairly. IEBC tried to make the process and tallying completely transparent. The polling station also published their results as soon as possible.

There were some moments of chaos. This happened just before the announcement of the final poll results. Some of Odinga’s allies took to the stage. Some people got injured.

However, William Ruto said that he would obey the court process. He also said, “I’m a Democrat. I believe in the rule of law. I respect our institutions”.

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