Ron DeSantis

Democrat voters chose Charlie Crist to challenge Ron DeSantis. Mr. Crist is a Congressman. Ron DeSantis is Florida’s Republican Governor. The challenge is for the midterm elections.

Mr. Crist was a former Republican. He switched parties in 2012. He also defeated the state’s Agricultural Commissioner, Nikki Fried. This was on the last election day. It happened just before November’s vote.

Democrats want to defeat Ron DeSantis. He is a rising star among people. Many people are also expecting him to run for the White House in 2024. So there is a huge amount of tension in the air.

Voters picked up their respective candidates in Oklahoma and New York City. These elections determine the control of Congress. It also depends on whether Biden’s Democrats can exercise it or not.

However, a special election took place in New York. It was for an open US House seat. Pat Ryan defeated Marc Molinaro. Mr. Ryan is a Democrat. Mr. Molinaro is a Republican. Race can also be very significant in the later stages.

Opinion polls also tell us an important tale. Mr. Crist is behind Ron DeSantis, as per vote count. The difference is just a few percentage points. Florida was an important State in the presidential election. It has also become more Republican nowadays.

Mr. Crist gave a strong and bold message on Ron DeSantis. He said that the people of Florida gave him a message. He also mentioned that people want a governor who helps and solves problems. By this, he is referring to himself. He also boldly said that people don’t want a governor who is a bully. This was a reference to Ron DeSantis.

The fight between Democrats and Republicans goes a long way. There were and will be many changes. There was also a victory party by Ron DeSantis at his HQ in Hialeah, Florida.

Let’s see where this face-off takes us. Elections are peculiar. They also tend to be explosive but propel discipline, truth, and law ideas.

Credits: BBC

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