Garowe (PP News Desk) — Abdi Habib Warsame, a Somali Presidential Candidate who attended the Forum for Ideas Confrence organised by Heritage Institute and held in Garowe, has criticised Senator Abdirahman Farole, the former Puntland President, for saying that “Puntland has no Presidential Candidate for 2021 elections in Somalia.”

At a luncheon for Somali Presidential Candidates in Garowe last week Senator Farole said that it was Mogadishu-based candidates’ turn to occupy the Somali Presidency.

Gatekeeper: Senator Farole thinks Puntland State did not field a Presidential Candidate for 2021 Somalia’s elections

“ I have respect for Senator Farole. I would like him not to be bamboozled by former leaders whose presence at the conference cannot overshadow people who can make meaningful contribution to Somalia” said Abdi Habib.

Abdi Habib Warsame found fault with the theme of the conference. “The transitional period ended in 2012. This thematic choice led to discussing questions that have no relevance for Somali politics. ” said Abdi Habib.

Abdi Habib Warsame: Senator Farole shouldn’t have allowed to be bamboozled by former leaders at the confrence.

Senator Farole’s remarks created a controversy in Garowe, where some participants have found his silence on the confrence theme disconcerting.

“I did expect Senator Farole would endorse Professor Ahmed Samatar’s throwaway “duopoly” thesis about two clans that take turns at occupying the Somali Presidency. What Senator Farole said could be used as solid evidence for the duopoly argument. Although he said he was neutral, his remarks show he is not. He owes an apology to Abdi Habib Warsame” says a former Member of Parliament who asked to be quoted anonymously.

This article first appeared in the Puntland Post and is republished with permission.

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