Garowe (PP News Desk) — One year ago the Puntland State Government embarked on the formulation of an energy policy.

And recently the Puntland Ministry of Energy, Minerals and Water organised a meeting for energy stakeholders to shape the current draft energy policy into a formulation for energy stakeholders, and to build on the UN Development Programme’s remarkable efforts in the field.

Musse Dualeh: Puntland has rich sources of energy worth exploiting.

Energy suppliers, LPG sellers, industry experts and representatives from consumers, in attention to representatives from the UNDP attended the meeting held on Thursday.

Participants discussed aspects of the suggested energy policy paying special attention to affordable electricity for the population.

“Puntland boasts a rich source of electricity energy (options) ranging from sea, wind and sun (sources). Despite all those sources, electricity prices in Puntland are steep. (So) Those sources are worth exploiting” Musse Dualeh, a UNDP official said.

Guled Abshir Musse: Energy policy initiative is the first of its kind in Puntland.

“I am glad that we are here for consultations about Puntland Energy Policy. The process to formulate the policy has been going on for quite sometime. It is the first initiative to formulate an energy policy for Puntland. “ added Guled Abshir Musse, the Director of Puntland Energy Development Agency.

Ahmed Said Qalombi: We must make energy affordable for consumers.

Mr Ahmed Said Qalombi, the Deputy Minister for Energy, Minerals and Water meanwhile commended stakeholders for the their role in developing a draft energy policy.

“Without an energy policy in place problems will arise. Given the steep electricity prices in Puntland we are obliged to make energy affordable for consumers in Puntland.” he said.

This article first appeared in the © Puntland Post, 2020 and is republished with permission.

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