President Biden

US President Biden has offered his support behind California Governor Gavin Newsom on that very eve of a vote that could remove him from his position. This recall vote will now see the decision of Californians if they approve Newsom or not.

While participating in a rally in Long Beach, Mr. Biden said this result would “reverberate around the world.” Polls are showing a much comfortable lead of the Democrats. Its main rival is a conservative radio host, Larry Elder.

Californians elected Mr. Newsom quite diplomatically. He took office in 2019. However, Republicans are hoping to unseat him early.

It is only a second recall vote for a governor who needs to appear on the ballots of a Democratic state. President Biden addressed the Long Beach crowd saying the eyes of the nation are on them. He has urged them to say no to a recall vote.

According to him, people can keep Gavin Newsom, or they will get another Donald Trump. He called Mr. Elder a ‘clone’ version of the former US president. Since his taking over to the office Gavin Newsom has created the image of California as the progressive and free-spending state in America.

But the frustrations regarding the handling of pandemics and the increasing partisanship in US politics have triggered the Republican-led efforts. They are now planning to supplant him before the end of his terms. Also, he is now facing 46 candidates with transgender activists and TV star Caitlyn Jenner.

California has been Democratic in its national elections. But the state does not have Republican regions. High enthusiasm in the voting group is causing tension. Mr. Biden is now one of the high-profile Democrats who have campaigned for Newsom.

The leading opponent Mr. Elder has spent a day of campaigns in Orange Counties and Los Angeles. He previously had no political office. He has also received a boost of support over the weekend from Rose McGowan.

In the final days of voting, state republicans have cast false claims of election rigging. This move reiterates the discredited claims of Mr. Trump for voter fraud in 2020 in the presidential. Mr. Elder has also declined to say if he would accept the results of the election or not.

Credits: BBC

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