ballistic missiles

North Korea has recently fired two ballistic missiles across its east coast. The military of South Korea says it is the first ballistic missile test in six months.

These tests are breaching the resolutions of the UN, which they have imposed on North Korea. The launches are showing that North Korea carries on its weapon development despite a severe economic crisis.

Hours later, the South tested its ballistic missiles that they launched with a submarine. The test of the missile or SLBM had previous plans. It is not a reaction to the latest launch of the North. It is making South Korea the seventh country in the world to possess such technologies.

President Moon Jae-in attended this test. He said that South Korea now has sufficient resources to respond to North Korea. The tests that both the Koreas have performed is highlighting an arms race on the peninsula since the negotiations with North Korea are still stalled.

The US wants the country to give up its nuclear and missile programs for its sanction relief. But North Korea had refused. This short-range missile that North fired on Wednesday fell around 800 km at the maximum altitude of 60 km. They launched it from the central island areas of the country.

They flew east towards the Sea of Japan. The US is busy conducting which type of missile they have used.

The US indo- pacific command said missiles are not posing any immediate threat to US personnel. They are highlighting the illicit weapons program that North Korea operates.

Prime Minister of Japan Yoshihide Suga called this launch an outrageous one. It has threatened the peace and security in the region.

Some experts say that Pyongyang carries out such tests to make improvements in its technology. At the same time, they try to leverage their negotiation with Washington.

While talking about North Korea, China’s foreign minister Yi Held said all parties must work to promote peace and stability on the Korean peninsula.

“Not only North Korea but other countries are carrying out the military activity,” he said. “All of us should make efforts in a way that helps resume dialogue.”

Last weekend Pyongyang Asia tested a cruise missile which is a strategic weapon with great significance. Experts say it can carry a nuclear warhead.

North Korea is facing a food shortage and has spent more than a year in isolation. However, recently it has restarted one of its reactors for nuclear weapons.

Credits: BBC

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