armed escalation

A warning about a possible armed escalation is given by Poland with Belarus. The country fears that the neighbors may bring about an uncertain incident with hundreds of migrants who are trying to cross into the EU.

Poland is saying that at Kuznica, the country is shutting a massive border crossing. And the nation is suffering from the fear of an escalation at its border.

Deployment of extra troops conducted when the ecstatic and desperate crowds try on cutting a barbed-wire border fence.

The European Union and Nato, Poland, says that the problem orchestrated by Belarus. The problem also associates with a claim denied by the country’s disputed leader.

Nato and EU members of Lithuania, Latvia, and Poland has seen that a huge number of people are illegally entering their countries in the past few months from Belarus. Several people have also entered the country from Asia and the Middle East.

Piotr Muller, the government spokesperson, has said that about 4,000 migrants have gathered near the eastern border of Poland. They have also said to the reporters that at a point, they have expected “an escalation… which will be of an armed nature”.

According to the local TV, several migrants also gathered for armed escalation near Kuznica had armed individuals and armed dogs as their companions.

Stanislaw Zaryn, the head of the national security department of Poland, has told that the Belarusian armed units were controlling the migrants. Earlier, Piotr Wawrzyk said that “Belarus wants to cause a major incident, preferably with shots fired and casualties”.

The temperature at the border went below zero, and multiple migrants have died already. According to the activists, the migrants were young men. Also, they were children and women. However, they were pawns within a political game that had risen between Belarus and its neighbors.

Credits: BBC

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