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The US Judge has ruled over a congressional committee that took part in investigating the Capitol riot. She can now access the White House Records of ex-president Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has sought to invoke the executive privilege under which the presidential document can be kept safe. However, the inquiry is now trying to find if Mr. Trump had any prior knowledge about the riot.

The supporters of Trump had stormed the Capitol building on 6th January as Congress was certifying the victory of Joe Biden. Mr. Biden has then refused to further acknowledge the loss of the election last year.

A Committee set up from the House of Representatives is conducting the inquiry. The panel also wants the evidence from the trove of phone records, visitor logs, and other documents. It has created issues for the summonses to several Trump aides for testifying before the lawmakers.

Mr. Trump has argued that his communications have protection and must not be released. But US Judge Tanya Chutkan has ruled that the National Archive holds the records. He should comply along with the request of the panel.

During a 39 page ruling, Judge Chutkan said that Congress had all the right to see all the documents.

Mr. Trump “does not acknowledge the deference owed to the incumbent president’s judgment. His position that he may override the express will of the executive branch appears to be premised on the notion that his executive power ‘exists in perpetuity”, the judge wrote. “But presidents are not kings, and plaintiffs are not presidents.”

The former ruler Mr. Trump has enjoyed the right of executive privilege. However, according to the judge, the incumbent president best suits to protect the interest of the executive branch.

The committee is expecting the witnesses to comply fully. The panel has also subpoenaed Dan Scavino and Steve Bannon.

Mr. Bannon has further refused to comply with the subpoena. He had charges for contempt of congress. At least more than 670 people arrested for their invasion of the Capitol complex.

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