Poland blast
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Joe Biden, president of the States, has said the possibility of Russia behind the Poland blast is very low. The blast in Poland killed two people. The reason for the blast was a missile fired from somewhere unknown. Russia also denied its involvement in this incident. The incident happened at Przewodow, which lies at the Ukrainian border.

Poland said that the missiles are Russian-made. But US officials deny this. They say that the missile came from Ukrainian air defense systems. Ukraine reverted by saying that Russia fired almost 90 missiles that day. The missiles wanted to aim at the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Out of the 90 missiles fired by Russia, 77 got destroyed mid-air because of Ukraine. But some managed to inflict damage. The missiles also hit Lviv, which is not far from Ukraine’s western border with Poland. The Poland blast happened at a farm building. Two Polish workers working there got killed because of the blast. The place is 6 km from the border.

Poland is a prime NATO nation. The Poland blast alerted its military and the Nato ambassadors. Poland may bring in Article 4 of its treaty, which calls for consultations. The information coming out of the Poland blast was provocative to some senses. Some people also thought that this was the beginning of World War 3.

The world leaders gathered for G20 pledged to offer support after the Poland blast. Dmytro Kuleba is the Foreign minister of Ukraine. He also said that any claim saying that Ukraine is responsible is a part of Russia’s conspiracy. He said that the spreading of this claim is Russian propaganda.

BBC officials believe that there can be many reasons behind the Poland blast. But Russia may not be the actual perpetrator here. It can be a malfunction of the air defense systems of Ukraine. Nato has said that it will provide support. But they have been careful to avoid any conflict.

Credits: BBC

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