The Republicans of the US have taken the lower chamber of Congress. The projections yelled that the Republicans had crossed the majority mark. This was undoubtedly the most exciting midterm election in recent times. The party has a minute margin but enough margin to frustrate Joe Biden easily.

Joe Biden and his party, the Democrats, may face the wrath of the Republicans for the next two years. This will put a full stop to the plans of Joe Biden for the US. But still, they have not lost everything. Democrats will now control the upper chamber of Congress, known as the Senate. The new Congress will come to life in January.

Kevin McCarthy, the famous Republican leader, celebrated this beautiful result. His party nominated him for the post of House Speaker. But despite a great win, Republicans still fell short of their goal. They aimed for both chambers but got only one. Mike Garcia helped them gain a majority by winning the 27th district of California.

The latest projections support Republicans. But the counting is not over. So, clarity is not there in this regard. It may take days or weeks to get a perfect picture. Mr. McCarthy and the Republicans are very eager to take the place of Nancy Pelosi. They proclaimed that the chamber was “officially flipped”.

Nancy Pelosi is the first woman to hold this exotic post. She is 82 now. But she clearly said that she wouldn’t leave the post quietly. Ms. Pelosi said that she and her party would make sure that the opposition faces the might of the Democrats. But she was silent during her press release about their future.

The situation for the US right now is very different. They have just witnessed a tight midterm election. The country saw one of the best results for a sitting party in the midterm elections. With that, the opposition party also made a strong comeback, but it is still light. So, the time ahead is quite interesting.

Credits: BBC

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