PM Viktor Orban

In a recent Hungary election, PM Viktor Orban won the election for the fourth time. In the general election, his party won by 53.1 percent. The opposition slid to 35%.

PM Viktor Orban, in his victory speech, called Zelensky and Brussels bureaucrats opponents. This comes as Zelensky continued to criticize his take on the Ukraine-Russia crisis. PM Viktor Orban even banned the transfer of arms to Ukraine. Hungary not giving support to Ukraine, with whom it shares a border was derogatory.

PM Viktor Orban has strong invisible ties to Putin. Hungary has taken half a million refugees since the war began. Hungary’s PM painted international mainstream media, Ukraine, and Brussels bureaucrats in the same color.

Putin sent a congratulatory message on the win of PM Viktor Orban. The message was, “Despite the difficult international situation, the further development of bilateral ties of partnership fully accords with the interests of the peoples of Russia and Hungary.”

Hungary’s official electoral commission confirmed his fourth win. He has been in power since 2010. He won this time with a 2/3rd majority. It is on the preliminary results.

Viktor Orban, 12 years in power, described various changes. The constitution had also amendments and was re-written. There were changes in the electoral system as per his advantage. The changes were so vivid that it takes proof from the opponents’ catch-phrase. It was Orban or Europe.

The candidate Peter Marki-Zay from the opposition fell into the argument. He also asked Hungary to support Ukraine irrespective of Russia. They must join Poland and Uk to provide adequate assistance to their neighbors.

In the meantime, the PM continues clashing with Brussels. It was over the rule of law issue featuring press freedom and migration.

He is taking Hungary into an isolated state in the eyes of the EU and NATO. But, he continued to be firm on Mr. Orban’s western unity display. The new term just sealed another four years of unpredictable rule in Hungary.

Credits: BBC

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