Paraguay and Taiwan President meet
Paraguay and Taiwan President meet

We know that the times are tough right now for the entire world as we are already seeing a war taking place in Ukraine and Russia recently saw an attempt to overthrow the Government as well. Also, there are tensions between NATO members and Ukraine as we reported yesterday that the Ukrainian President was snubbed by NATO members, including the US President, to join NATO as of now. However, if you are from Taiwan then you can count on Paraguay as your ally for the next five years as the Paraguay President-elect Santiago Pena has visited Taiwan ahead of taking office in August and reiterated his commitment towards the people of Taiwan as well as the Taiwanese Government. Paraguay’s Pena said that he is visiting Taiwan to meet his “old friend” who is the Taiwan President Tsai and he also invited her to visit Paraguay next year after she leaves the office.

Paraguay President-elect Santiago Pena said that “I reiterate my commitment, our commitment as Paraguayans, to stand by the people of Taiwan in the next five years,” and added that “I predict that the era that is starting now in our bilateral relationship, we are determined to take it to places we never even imagined before.” He also mentioned that “I will work for the next years to convey to the people of Taiwan, principally the businesses community, that investing in Paraguay is not only responding to diplomatic or political interests, but that it is to the mutual economic benefit of both nations.”

As we mentioned earlier, Pena has visited Tsai Ing-wen to visit Paraguay next year but he has also tried to strengthen his ties with the Presidential Candidate from DPP who is William Lai. He is also believed to have extended invitation to William Lai to attend his oath-taking ceremony and Lai is expected to attend it as well taking the route of the US and meeting the US officials on his way as well. It must be noted that President Tsai will not be able to run for office after next year due to the Taiwan constitution restricting anyone for just two terms at the highest position in office.

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