Youtuber DuckyBhai started his account on SnackVideo

ISLAMABAD, March 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Content creator DuckyBhai is not someone who likes to walk a well-trodden path.

As an early pioneer in the video content creation scene, DuckyBhai, whose real name is Saad Ur Rehman, has ditched traditional jobs and amassed over 2.5M followers on YouTube.

He has now, however, started an account on up and coming popular short video platform SnackVideo.

Youtuber DuckyBhai started his account on SnackVideo
Youtuber DuckyBhai has started his own account on SnackVideo

As such, of late, Rehman has been seen on the rising SnackVideo platform saying “I have had a particularly good experience with SnackVideo, as I really like its editing tools and its custom thumbnail features, which are critical to any aspiring content creator.”

“We love the SnackVideo community!” he adds.

“I, and many other creators will continue creating good content, especially with the SnackVideo team keeping giving us timely and wise advices based on our performances.”

Rehman has been on SnackVideo for over one month, and gets to connect with many creators. “SnackVideo provides everyone with the best platform to showcase talents and skills,” Rehman adds, “The amazing campaigns SanckVideo continuously offers always attract us. We will not only have the chance to win prizes but also be able to reach more audiences.”

Rehman’s path to celebrity status hasn’t come easy.

Having a passion and curiosity for technology, he enrolled in university with an aim to study Computer Science but dropped out after one semester to pursue something he felt was more interesting: social media and content creation. “I consider it one of my best decisions in life,” says Rehman of this pivotal moment.

Since then, Rehman has not looked back. When he first started, like any amateur, he only had his phone and basic editing tools, which taught him to improvise, be resourceful and persevere through adversity. It was only through countless hours of editing that he started to dabble in comedy videos, one of which subsequently went viral.

Rehman’s advice for aspiring content creators? “Don’t aim to go viral, aim to be authentic. Develop a niche audience and do something others are not doing,” he says.

Another pro tip: focus on the positives. “My like-dislike ratio is 97:3, As the quantity of negative comments is low, I always look at the bigger picture and do not dwell on the negatives.”

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