Canada truckers were on the protest in Ottawa. The police arrested many of them, calling it “volatile” and “determined”.

Ottawa remains in a state of emergency. The protesters even blockaded the city center with trucks and cars. Police inform the children in the trucks. Almost 25% of the protesters were children and at risk.

The Freedom Convoy began on 9 January in the western part of Canada. The protest was against the rule to get vaccinated. The truck owners also didn’t like the very idea of vaccination. The protest fuel by various Covid restrictions. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also was the reason for the rage.

The rally was at peace for most of the time. The Ottawa police sensed the extremist rhetoric from the right group. They also reported racial and homophobic abuse. Some of the protesters violated the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. They also danced at the National War Memorial.

The police also informed 80 criminal investigations. Hate crimes and property damage are some of them. The police officer also got attacked during the time to seize fuel.

The Deputy Police Chief, Steve Bell, stated, “Our message to the demonstrators remains the same: Don’t come. If you do, there will be consequences.”

Police found more than 100 trucks with children. However, they immediately called the Children’s Aid Society. They also showed concern about the impact of noise, fumes, and hygiene.

The protestors occupied the Ambassador Bridge. It is 756 miles from Ottawa. It is one of Canada’s busiest border crossings. Every day 40,00 people cross the bridge. And goods worth $323m transfer across borders.

Truckers blocking the bridge forced the vehicle into a long detour. Traffic clogged made local residents angry. Ottawans also reported the atmosphere in the protest as very tense. The truckers honked, which affected residents.

Toronto and Vancouver’s truckers also joined the protest. The protest on controversial vaccine passport. The government is also going to end the masking for school children. The Ottawans are in need to heal from the state of emergencies.

Credits: BBC

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