US citizens

Joe Biden cautions US citizens to come to America. The world is currently encountering the issue between Ukraine and Russia. He made it clear to the citizens living in Ukraine.

Russia denies the plan of invasion. However, more than 100,000 troops near the Ukraine Border speak another thing. With that in mind, Joe Biden wants every American back.

The massive military also deals near Belarus and Ukraine are threatening. Russia is blocking all the borders. Russians call it the “red line”. It is to make sure that Ukraine doesn’t join NATO.

The UK Prime Minister faced a security crisis. Mr. Biden reportedly asked US citizens to leave Ukraine. The invasion is possible at any moment. He is also not going to underestimate the strength of Russia. Things can go pretty crazy.

He is going to refrain from sending troops to Ukraine. He also doesn’t intend to start World War. The world is already too difficult to live in. He doesn’t want any more addition to it.

However, World leaders are in a continuous struggle to defuse the tension. The diplomats are in conversation. There is no positive outcome yet.

Last Thursday, Russia and Ukraine announced the failure of a breakthrough. The will to negotiate and understand is still there. The German and French diplomats also went through hours of talks. No solution came out, and tension persisted.

Ben Wallace is the UK defense Secretary. He is to meet the Russian Sergei Lavrov. Mr. Lavrov also calls the relation between UK and Russia “leave much to be desired”. The UK is providing defensive equipment to the Ukrainian government. The NATO countries are also not going to take the threat.

Ukraine is accusing Russia of blocking the sea. Russia is also using the sea for naval exercise.

Russia is practicing these activities to build pressure. All the actions are also making it difficult for Ukraine to reach a negotiation.

Credits: BBC

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