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Russia recently blocked the nuclear treaty on nuclear disarmament. This was in a joint declaration with a United Nations conference. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty gets reviewed every 5 years by 191 signatories. The goal is to stop the spread of nuclear weapons.

Russia objected to a text that said that it posed a grave danger. It was over developments in Zaporizhzhia. There was no agreement in 2015 as well. The meeting was due in 2020. The disagreement also led to a conference in NY city.

Penny Wong is the Australian Foreign Minister. She is deeply disappointed in the state of affairs. “Russia obstructed progress,” she said. Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins from the USA also regrets this disagreement.

The draft text that caused all the problems also pointed out Ukrainian authorities. The text said that they were competent but didn’t protect the nuclear plant. This caused a grave negative impact. Russian representatives argue that the text lacks balance.

The document needed a yes from everyone present at the conference. The Netherlands and China were very sad because of no consensus. The Netherlands said that they were happy with the discussions. But sad that there was no agreement.

The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons commented on this state. The campaign said that a country has nuclear weapons. And it invaded a country with no nuclear weapons. But despite this, there was no action.

However, Arms Control Association is an organization based out of Washington. They said that the conference missed a very big opportunity. They also had the opportunity to strengthen the treaty and security with it.

Almost 190 countries in the year 1970 backed the NPT Nuclear Treaty. The goal was to decrease the stockpiles of nuclear weapons and their spread. The treaty also ensures that there is global peace and security. Hiroshima and Nagasaki incidents prompt more countries to come within this treaty.

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