Ravil Maganov
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Ravil Maganov is the chairman of Russia’s Lukoil oil giant. He reportedly died after falling from a window of a hospital. It happened in Moscow. He was 67 at the time of his death.

The company also confirmed the passing away of the chairman. The company said that Ravil Maganov died because of an illness. They said that the illness was severe. He was a high-profile executive. He is also the latest person to die under questioning circumstances.

The topmost authorities are working on this case. They are trying to enact the crime scene. Some reports claim that Maganov fell from the window of the sixth floor. Some people claim that he took his own life. This happened on a Thursday morning.

As soon as the Russian invasion happened, Lukoil called for an end to this major conflict. The company also expressed sadness over this situation of war. Furthermore, they said that they sympathized with the victims.

Vagit Alekperov is the billionaire president of Lukoil. He left the position in April. This happened when the UK imposed sanctions. The sanctions were a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Many top Russian people have died. Their deaths also happened under mysterious circumstances. Alexander Subbotin, a Lukoil tycoon, died of heart failure. Vladislav Avayev and his family died in a Moscow flat. He was the former vice-president of Gazprombank.

Sergei Protosenya also died in April. He was a millionaire. He was the Novatek former manager. His wife and daughter were also found dead. They were living in a Spanish villa, and authorities found the bodies in the villa.

Ravil Maganov and his leadership made Lukoil Russia’s biggest private company. He joined in 1993 and accepted the post of chairman two years ago. Putin also gave him a lifetime achievement award almost three years ago. Putin visited and laid flowers beside his coffin.

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