Russia and North Korea Summit
Russia and North Korea Summit

We know that there are unlikely events that were unexpected but take place all of a sudden which leaves everyone by shock and wonder how this happened. The same has been happening right now in Russia as North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is on a visit to Russia where he is attending a Summit held by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is worth noting that this summit is also taking place in Russia because of an expected arms deal between the two sides. At the Summit, North Korea’s Kim Jong Un pledged full support for Russia as well as Putin, its President.

As per a report from APNews, “The meeting, which lasted over four hours at Russia’s spaceport in the Far East, underscores how the two countries’ interests are aligning: Putin is believed to be seeking one of the few things impoverished North Korea has in abundance -– stockpiles of aging ammunition and rockets for Soviet-era weapons”. Obviously, in exchange, we know that Russia will supply grains to North Korea as the country is currently going through a drought and its people are dying from starvation as per reports.

APNews’ report adds that “Putin met Kim’s limousine, brought from Pyongyang in the North Korean leader’s armored train, at the launch facility, greeting his guest with a handshake of about 40 seconds. Putin spoke of the Soviet Union’s wartime support for North Korea and said the talks would cover economic cooperation, humanitarian issues, and the situation in the region.”

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un said, “Russia is currently engaged in a just fight against hegemonic forces to defend its sovereign rights, security and interests,” and added that he vowed to provide “full and unconditional support” to the Russian President. Obviously, we have seen that China and North Korea are the two sides that have directly supported Russia in its war against Ukraine whereas other countries such as India have been neutral in their stance while the likes of Europe and the US are totally supporting Ukraine. It is worth noting that North Korea’s Kim Jong Un traveled to Russia by train just like his father and grandfather did decades ago.

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