French President
French President

We know that things are not going well in Niger as there was recently a coup that took place in the country and it is also known that the African nations are not happy with France and they have said enough is enough. They want the control of their own nations back in their own hands instead of being controlled by France from all these years. French President Macron has now seen that the Niger forces are not going to surrender which is the reason why he feels tensed about his ambassador to Niger. Speaking to reporters recently, the French President said that “food was prevented from being delivered” to the embassy in Niamey and that the ambassador was “eating military rations.” Macron added that ambassador Sylvian Itte “cannot go out, he is persona non grata and he is being refused food”.

It is known that after taking control of “West African country in July, the military junta ordered Itte to leave the country. It later revoked his visa and instructed police to expel him”. Niger’s ousted President Mohamed Bazoum is in touch with French President Macron who they believe still has the authority. He says “I will do whatever we agree on with President Bazoum because he is the legitimate authority and I speak with him every day.” However, with how things have panned out and the public support with the military junta, it does not seem as if the people are opposing this coup which only leaves the option of calling back their ambassador to France.

French Minister also added that ambassador Itte is doing his job in Niger. He added that “The ambassador is working, I can confirm that, and he is very useful through his contacts, his team, there is still a small team with him,” and also mentioned that the ambassador “will stay as long as we want him to stay” in Niger which means that France does not plan to call back their ambassador from Niger anytime soon. Recalling the ambassador also means temporarily or permanently cutting ties with the country which France does not want.

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