North Korean leader

Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, discusses his plan to step up nuclear weapon processing. At the recent armed forces founding anniversary, North Korea showcased its ICBMs. In addition, they displayed their plan for more development in their ballistic missile.

North Korea has tested intercontinental ballistic missiles. All those tests continued to test irrespective of sanctions from the US.

North Korean leader showcased the submarine-launched ballistic missile in all its glory. It was all in addition to the hypersonic missiles.

He stated during the parade, “We will continue to take steps to strengthen and develop our nation’s nuclear capabilities at the fastest pace… must be ready” to be exercised anytime. So it was from the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

North Korean leader proved his defining power and his plan of action, making the country more threatening to the world. He also added that the country would strike back if attacked anytime.

Kim Jong-un wants to see North Korea grow more effectively. So there will be more crippling sanctions in terms of uplifting the country. He wants all those sanctions removed, but that’s never gonna be happening.

North Korea has always stated the reasons for the acquisition. It is to prevent the war, but having these strong weapons always gives an upper hand. Diplomacy with the US was also put in the picture. Biden will only lift the sanction if the country gives up the weapons. To which the North Korean leader decided to go ahead with the testing of dangerous nuclear weapons.

The show was more about his worldwide presence than security. The North Korean economy is not doing that great. It sealed the country from the world during a pandemic. So he chose a weapon to show how good the country was processing. But, weapons can’t feed hungry people and provide quality health care to the sick. North Korea currently needs to focus on implementing a better life for the civilians and focus on overall development.

Credits: BBC

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