The Russian energy giant Gazprom cuts supply to Poland and Bulgaria after the accusation. The countries accused Moscow of attempting to create “foster divisions”. Russia is trying to bring the dispute between the allies. EU Commission President calls it an effect of unreliability on the country as an energy supplier.

Kremlin, in the meantime still calling itself an energy partner. Poland and Bulgaria now refused to pay for gas in roubles after Gazprom cut the supply. Putin informed that all the payments to the country must be in Russian currency. It was to shore the currency value at a time when it was facing sanctions from various western countries. EU nations are constantly resisting the move.

Gazprom came up with the statement on Wednesday, “completely suspended gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria in line with the decree issued by Mr. Putin.” It also warned the other countries about the unauthorized withdrawal of gas. Furthermore, Gazprom will reduce the supplies by an equivalent amount if nations go against Moscow.

PGNiG, a Polish state gas company, confirmed the same stoppage of gas supply. The country also has the right to seek compensation as per the signed contracts and legal means. The country’s President Andrzej Duda affirms to take a legal step for this action. And Gazprom will face the consequences.

53% of imports from Gazprom gas supply were in supply to PGNiG. Warsaw is unable to get gas from other sources. The suspension leads to a breach of contract. The company will also try its best to reinstate the gas supply.

Kiril Petkov, the Prime Minister of Bulgaria, calls Russia’s one-sided blackmail not acceptable at all. Russia is also trying to utilize gas resources as a political and economic weapon in the ongoing war.

Sofia, whose 90% of gas comes from Gazprom, becomes overnight deficient in the resource and seeks an alternative. But, no alternative sources are available. Therefore, these steps will greatly affect the Russian economy as well.

Credits: BBC

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