choppy sea

Nearly 9 people have drowned in the rough Mediterranean choppy sea in the south of France. The waves of the sea swept them off while they were swimming in the choppy waters on various beaches on the south coast.

High winds started stirring up the sea. It had caused a swell. Five people in their 70s and 60s have died in Herault. Two people aged 58 and 71 have died in Bouches-du-Rhone. Notaire two have died on the beach of Leucate, Aude.

Emergency services from Herault said that they had tried hard to save 12 people from drawing off the choppy sea in Agde, Marseillan, La Grande-Motte, Serignan, and Vias. They have rescued seven of them successfully., But 5 have died.

The region had an orange alert for rains, floods, and thunderstorms. Jordan Dartier, the mayor of Vias, said, “I cannot understand how people got into the water when the seas were rough.”

One man has died after falling from rocks. Hence the mayor added it was quite a dramatic day for their region. The fire and rescue service in Herault has urged people to stay away from swimming. The service tweeted that choppy seas are making water activities dangerous.

Two swimmers who have died in La Ciotat and Classic in the Bouches-du -Rhones area have drowned at sea. Rescue officials have speculated that the warm temperature of the water is tempting people to swim even though it was not in ideal condition.

Gregory Coutarel, the head of search and rescue in Bouches-du- Rhones, said that the sea temperature at 24C on weekdays has appeared quite tempting to swimmers. He further added that the weather now stays warm. Also, lifeguards must be there until the middle of September, even until the middle of October.

Aurelien Manenc, the local fire chief said, people don’t understand completely how dangerous choppy seas can turn out to be.

“The water is warm, you think you are going to have fun – and quickly you are pulled towards the open sea and the bottom, and you get exhausted trying to come back. This is what causes drowning,” he said.

Police officers in Herault have evacuated any beaches without lifeguards. As per a local newspaper, 15 this September will also remain a black day for the Herault Coast.

Credits: BBC

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