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The UK, US, and Australia have recently announced a historic security pact in the Asia-Pacific region. It is seen as an effort to counter their rival China. The Aukus pact will cover AI and other technologies. Also, it is one of the biggest defense partnerships for the countries.

China had already condemned the agreement as an irresponsible one. Foreign ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian has said that it is undermining regional peace and stability. At the same time, it is intensifying the arms race.

The embassy of China in Washington has accused the countries of a cold war mentality. The security pact is creating a row with France. Also, it has now lost a deal along with Australia to build 12 submarines.

France foreign minister Jean-Yves le Drian said that it comes in the form of a stab in the back. This new partnership announcement came in the form of a joint virtual press conference between Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and Scott Morrison.

This announcement has not yet mentioned the name of China directly. The three leaders repeatedly referred to the regional security concerns.

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace also said that China was embarking on one of the largest militaries spends in history.

“It is growing its navy [and] air force at a huge rate. It is also engaged in some disputed areas,” he said. “Our partners in those regions want to be able to stand their ground.”

Beijing is facing accusations for raising tensions in disputed territories in the South China Sea. On Thursday, UK PM Boris Johnson also said that the Thai pact would work to pre-receive security and stability around the globe. It will help to generate hundreds of higher-skilled jobs.

Also, the relationship with France is “rock solid”. The Aukus alliance is probably the most important security arrangement between these three nations after World War.

The pact will now focus on military capabilities, which are differentiating it from the Five Eyes intelligence-sharing alliance that included Canada and New Zealand. The submarines of Australia are a big-ticket item. However, Aukus will now involve the sharing of various cyber capabilities and other kinds of undersea technologies.

“This is a historic opportunity for the three nations, with like-minded allies and partners, to protect shared values and promote security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific region,” the joint statement read.

Credits: BBC

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