Visang Education_ ELiF, targeting elementary schoolers

– Venturing into Asian, Middle-Eastern, Central/South American markets with creative education platform AllviA

– Launching Elementary Math Solution and Distance Learning Services this year

SEOUL, South Korea, Feb. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/Visang Education, now positioned as a global brand, aims to export its next-generation EdTech platform “AllviA” to more countries abroad, taking the K-Edu system to new heights.

Visang Education_ ELiF, targeting elementary schoolers
Visang Education_ ELiF, targeting elementary schoolers

AllviA is a creative education platform that combines a student-oriented digital learning system with an innovative teaching method, thus complementing already existing textbooks, classrooms, or language environments and leveraging their strength to create even greater educative impact.

Through AllviA, students proactively immerse themselves in various subjects, while teachers can monitor their participation in real-time to maximize the effect of a student-oriented learning solution committed to bringing innovative transformation to the future classroom environment.

Visang Education also exports “Wings”, an early childhood English learning program, to China, Vietnam, Myanmar and Qatar. “ELiF”, another English program targeting the elementary schoolers, is featured in Vietnam, UAE and Egypt.

In current development, the AllviA-based elementary math solution “MATH ALIVE and other distance learning services are prepared to match the needs of the current education environment.

MATH ALIVE is a two-way learning tool being developed to enable interaction between teachers and students who will participate with a smartboard and individual tablet PCs through an activity-oriented approach.

Non-face-to-face distance learning services will be implemented through AllviA Remote Learning, a newly established cloud-based platform providing Wings and ELiF content in a format that fulfills online learning purposes. It is planned for release with MATH ALIVE later this year.

“We will actively expand our business abroad by presenting effective learning solutions that make the non-face-to-face education environment an effective one, and we will develop more EdTech-based business models for the future,” said Wookun Hur,  the director of Global Business Development & Strategic Alliances.

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