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Four convoys with Iranian fuel have arrived in Lebanon to work out an initiative of the militant group Hezbollah. It aims to ease the crippling energy crisis of the country. 80 Lorrie with 4m liters of diesel onboard has already crossed the Syrian border. A tanker has docked already. The file has imports through Syria to avoid embroiling Lebanon in US sanctions on Iran.

The militant group Hezbollah said that hospitals and the other key services would have priority access. Due to an economic collapse, Lebanon is facing a shortage of fuel. Also, there is a scarcity of necessities like electricity, medicine, and drinking water.

The first fuel lorries met the celebratory gunfire. People were throwing rice and rose petals on their path as they were driving through the north-eastern village of al-Ain. A woman has declared that the convoy has broken the siege of Lebanon through the US and its allies.

She said, “Since this fuel is being brought by [Hezbollah’s leader] Sayyed Hassan, then it will be delivered to the right place,”

The Hezbollah leader said that it was not looking to make a business out of this. But it wants to help people with hardships.

The Shia Islamist group would distribute the fuel; for free to the nursing home, hospitals, orphanages, and the Lebanese Red Cross. The rest will get sold at below cost to private hospitals, bakeries, and companies that are operating generators.

He also said that a second tanker with fuel oil would arrive at the Syrian port of Baniyas. Two others will carry petrol and fuel oil. All the countries Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, are subject to US sanctions.

The international community now needs to decide how they can respond in the face of the depression of Lebanon. The shortage of fuel in Lebanon stems from the economic collapse of the country. The currency of the country has lost 90% of its value against the US dollar since 2019. It had caused skyrocketing inflation. Also, it is pushing three-quarters of the population into poverty.

In recent months the power stations, bakeries, and hospitals faced the force to either scale back their operations or shut down. Electricity outages are another concern in the country. Drivers are facing long queues in the petrol stations.

Credits: BBC

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