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The US and UK are now receiving growing international criticism over their new move. This global backlash is coming after their signing of a new security pact with Australia. The world is looking at this idea as an effort to counter China. The deal will see the US and UK giving Australia the necessary technology to develop nuclear-powered submarines.

However, this move has angered France, who has remarked that it is more like a stab in the back. China has accused these three powers of having a “cold war mentality.” Apart from a global backlash, this pact has raised fears that it might provoke China for a war.

Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, and Scott Morrison have announced the Aukus pact. Though they did not mention China, Aukus is getting a view as an effort to counter the influence of Beijing in the South China Sea.

Mr. Johnson later said that this agreement is not having any intention to be adversarial to China. But his predecessor has questioned him. There they fear that this deal can drag the UK into war.

Theresa May asked the Prime Minister about the implications of this partnership in the event of a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.

Mr. Johnson replied: “The United Kingdom remains determined to defend international law, and that is the strong advice we would give to our friends across the world and the strong advice that we would give to the government in Beijing.”

Democratic Taiwan sees itself as a sovereign state. However, Beijing has increased pressure on this island. Meanwhile, Washington is seeking to quell the anger in Paris with his pact. It has skipped a multibillion-dollar submarine deal that France has signed with Australia.

The foreign minister of France Jean- Yves le Drian, has called this announcement a stab in the back. He further calls it a brutal and unilateral decision. French diplomats in Washington have canceled a gala to celebrate the ties between the French and the US in retaliation. France’s former ambassador to the US, Gerard Araud, has called it a low mic moment. He said that the US knew that these contracts were essential to the national interest of France, but they didn’t care.

The pact will also see its all lies in sharing cyber capabilities, AI, and other technology for undersea. It means that Australia will become the seventh nation in the world to operate nuclear submarines.

Credits: BBC

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