Giorgia Meloni recently won the election in Italy. She is now very busy. She is working to decide who will be a part of her new government. The government is right-wing. She is also the sole leader of the yet-to-be government.

Ms. Meloni said that she was going to govern all Italians. She is the head of Brothers of Italy. It is a far-right party. There are still lots of questions. We will slowly get an answer.

But some key positions are already known. Or there are high chances of some known people getting selected positions. One of them is Matteo Salvini. He can also lead the interior ministry. He headed the post in 2019 as well.

But reports vary on the likability of Mr. Salvini’s position in Ms. Meloni’s cabinet. Some say that his support rating has gone down. Some also say that he can lead the job well. Robert Maroni thinks that Mr. Salvini should get down.

But apart from this chatter, Ms. Meloni has made her mark very boldly. She is going to be the first female Italian Prime Minister. But she has been very silent about this big achievement of hers. After the victory speech, she picked up her kids and spent some time in the gym.

The Dutch PM expressed concern after she won. But the French Finance minister said that the Meloni government could do better things. Their actions define their judgment. The concerns are in concern with the economy and Russia.

Ms. Meloni attacked the LGBT lobby. She also attacked the idea of mass migration. Even Salvini supported this. She is also going to support Ukraine. But some political scientists say that this is because she wanted to gain public support. We don’t know whether we will see the actual changes as said.

The reaction of Ms. Meloni and her fellow compatriots has been surprisingly silent. But external factors like markets are shouting. The market appeared unstable.

Credits: BBC

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