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A man is now facing a sentence of more than 6 years in prison. He had plotted a plan to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer over the issue of COVID restrictions.

Ty Garbin has been part of a group with more than a dozen men who are having accusations of involvement in this plot. He is facing a $25000 fine. The Michigan Governor, Ms. Whitmer, introduced covid restrictions last year to prevent the spreading of the infection. After that, her government lifted many of the curbs.

Among the defendants are some from the anti-government parliamentary group in Michigan. They had considered shoring the state Capitol when they planned to kidnap Ms. Whitmer from her holiday home.

Six of the group are facing the charges in a federal court. Garbin is 25 years old and is the only one who has pleaded guilty. Seven others are also facing charges of terrorism and other offenses in the state court in connection to the plot.

Garbin has also signed a plea agreement within the detailed description of the plot. He said that he let six men train in his house. He has constructed a “shoot house” that resembles the holiday home of the governor. Also, they have assaulted the house with firearms.

According to the lawyer of Garbin, his client did it due to frustrations with the covid restrictions. He has lost his job as an aviation mechanic. He apologized to Ms. Whitmer for the stress and fear he caused her family.

In a statement, Ms. Whitmer said, threats against her tend to continue.

“I have looked out my windows and seen large groups of heavily armed people within 30 yards of my home. I have seen myself hung in effigy. Days ago, at a demonstration, there was a sign that called for ‘burning the witch,” she said.

The lockdown order that she imposed has drawn thousands of protestors to the state Capitol. Many have compared her to the German dictator Adolf Hitler.

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