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Japan has recently imposed its suspension on the use of near about 1.63 million doses of Moderna jab due to contamination. The health ministry has said that the foreign materials are present in some of the doses of a batch that contains 560000 vials.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, which sells and distributes jabs in Japan, said that Moderna had put three batches on hold. This took place “out of an abundance of caution.”

An issue that took place in the manufacturing contact site in Spain is the probable cause. But it did not elaborate on it. Moderna has not encountered any safety issues that have taken place in its production of vaccinations. Moderna also said that it would work with the regulators and Takeda to have a thorough investigation on this matter.

“To date, no safety or efficacy issues have been identified,” Moderna said.

There are not yet any details on what those ‘foreign objects’ are. Takeda has described it as a particulate matter. It has also conducted an emergency examination on the Moderna Jab.

Reports of the contamination also came up from the other 7 centers for vaccination. It has been found that 39 vials and 390 doses have been affected.

The Health Ministry of Japan has published a batch of numbers. It helps to check the potential contamination in the shots which they have already given to people before the suspension.

Japan is now battling with the spike in its covid cases. There are eight more prefectures, and this country has been placed under a state of emergency. Tokyo is currently hosting the Paralympic Games. The country has also come up with the approval of the shots of AstraZeneca and Pfizers for use. Japan started using Moderns in May.

Over 40% of Japanese people have received their full vaccination course. Around 50% have received one dose of the vaccination for Covid. However, it is about to see how this country will circulate its vaccination program to deal with the surging Covid infections.

Credits: BBC

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