Emmanuel Macron has won the French election once again. He defeated Marine Le Pen, who won the highest share of the President yet.

Macron won the election by 58.55% to 41.45%, the greatest margin. This is higher than any expectation. The leader informs his presidency at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. It was for the jubilant supporters. Macron became the first president to be in power for 20 years and was again re-elected.

On the other side, Le Pen still calls her victory, winning 41.45 % of the votes. The defeat of Marie Le Pen marks the defeat of Le Pen eighth time. Eric Zemmour, who was also a rival in the election, recalls the election for her as a complete failure.

Marie Le Pen took over the party after her father, Jean-Marie Le Pen. She earned 13 million votes this election. We will see a platform of tax cuts representing her loss. It was to focus on the leverage of wearing a Muslim headscarf in the public arena. There is also a referendum on immigration control.

The answer gets part of detailed in anger and disagreement. It focuses on the compatriots and their extreme right to vote. The victory speech detailed the responsibility of the one around them.

French election also cleared one thing. That one of the three voters didn’t even vote for either Macron or Marie Le Pen. It was one of the lowest run-offs since the time 1969. It discusses the absence of three million people, detailing the blank votes.

Mr. Macron also discusses the need to “answer their choice to refuse to choose.

Jean-Luc Melenchon, who derailed the voting round, also came for it. It also discusses the worse election result. We will detail the President with other changes in the plan of action. He details the discussion of abstentions and a blank. There are a lot of spoiled ballots.

Credits: BBC

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