President Macron rejects Elisabeth Born resignation letter. French President Emmanuel Macron rejected the resignation stating that government must stay in power and do its best. Unfortunately, macron’s coalition lost confidence last Sunday. This led to the Prime Minister’s resignation. Macron, though, bravely set apart the resignation of the Prime Minister as an option.

Macron is trying to meet the opponents, but not many responses from the other side. Marine Le Pen is currently the opponent. Her party currently owns 44 seats. They are trying their best to avoid this political dilemma and thrive for power.

He believes in seeking more a constructive solution for the task. Unfortunately, the current situation has not left him with many options. The agenda will also suffer along with the fall of the current government. Mr. Macron is also fixated on keeping Ms. Borne in the office. He is trying to buy more time, as per some analysts. The party representative is to meet on Tuesday and Wednesday.

However, the prospect of this situation settling with talks is not very hopeful. Mr. Jacob from right-wind calls Macron an arrogant one. He also stated that he is asking for help only when he knows there is no chance that his party will stay in power.

However, Socialist and Communist party leaders agreed to meet Mr. Macron. The loss of the majority in the National Assembly is a great threat for Mr. Macron. Also, it will be very difficult for him to implement his agenda.

Mr. Macron was all set with his agenda. First, the agenda detailed the spiraling cost of living, which featured food vouchers and enhanced benefits. The other most important aspect to consider is the increasing the retirement age to 65 from 62.

Right, and leftist parties are resisting the program from the very start. The loss of the majority just made it far worst. It will push Macron’s agenda and lashes the party in general.

Credits: BBC

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