Russia warned Lithuania to face serious consequences. This was after the rail transfer of certain goods to Kaliningrad got banned. Nikolai Patrushev, a senior security official, stated that Russia would reply boldly to these ill-disposed actions. Lithuania, on the other hand, states that it is simply following orders of EU sanctions.

These sanctions imposed after the Ukrainian invasion. Mainland Russia shares no borders with Kaliningrad.

It covers a well-positioned area along with the headquarters of Russia’s Baltic Fleet. The territory annexed in World war two by Germany. This happened in 1945. It got bordered by Poland and Lithuania, who are the Nato members. Also, the EU borders it.

This region has a population of one million people. Therefore, it depends greatly on imports of various materials from the other member states of Europe and Russia. Anton Alikhanov is the Regional governor. He showed his worry and said that about 50% of goods imported from Kaliningrad covered by the ban.

Mr. Patrushev mentioned that the blockade instigated due to the breaching of international laws. Therefore, Russia will take specific measures in the upcoming future. Russia’s security council secretary gave this statement.

He added that the measures would disturb Lithuania’s population in a bad way. However, he gave no extra details. Also, the Russian foreign ministry got calls from the ambassador of the EU. This summons was due to the blockade.

Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis said, “It’s not Lithuania doing anything: it’s European sanctions that started working from 17 June… It was done with consultation from the European Commission and under European Commission guidelines.”

Members of the European Union repeated the statement of Lithuania. They mentioned that they were just following decisions taken by the EU. The list of sanctions includes coals, metals, construction materials, and modern technology.

Lithuania enjoys the protection of many defense treaties. This protection is because of the Nato military alliance membership of Lithuania. The US stands by Lithuania as committed under Nato’s article 5. This article perceives an attack on one member as an attack on all.

Credits: BBC

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