One of the greatest spectacles of politics is happening in Brazil. The presidential elections happening there have taken a big wide turn. Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is the former president of Brazil. He belongs to the far-left ideology. Jair Bolsonaro also belongs to the far-right ideology.

Lula and Bolsonaro are the best of bitter rivals. Their rampant ideologies offer a clear picture of the relationship between them. Their campaigns were on another level. The two went against each other as a raging bull goes toward spectators in a bull chase. Lula also won the encounter with a vote margin of 50.9 percent.

Lula has made a stunning comeback. He was in jail in the last presidential election. He also got banned for standing from standing for office. It was in the year 2018. From there to here, the story of Lula is remarkable in every sense possible.

Lula was guilty of receiving a bribe. The bribe was from a construction company in Brazil itself. However, the company contracts with Petrobras. Petrobras is Brazil’s own oil company. Lula was in jail for a whopping 580 days. His conviction was later broken, and he jumped into the ocean of politics again.

Lula was brimming with confidence at his speech. He said that they tried to bury me alive. But now, see where I am. Lula’s return to the field of politics with such a win is spectacular. It also shows that people resonated with his ideals, no matter what they were.

Lula’s fans are having the moment of their lives. At the same time, Bolsonaro’s fans are angry like anything. It is more difficult for the fans of Bolsonaro. This also means that Lula still needs to pass many more tests. He should face fierce opposition as his term begins.

Bolsonaro’s Brazil was facing lots of problems. His tackling of Covid-19 was the worst among countries. The Amazon rainforest faced its brunt. Hunger among poor people has risen to 33 million. The new government of Lula also needs to tackle all these problems. Now, Brazil has the eyes of the world fixed on itself.

Credits: BBC

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