The former president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has quite a fan following in Brazil. His fans are always with him in his defeats and his victory. Some of his fans also include a lot of lorry drivers. They chose to express their support differently. They decided to block the roads in anger after Bolsonaro’s defeat.

The blockages caused a major disruption of transport systems. The food supply chains were the most affected. The traffic jams happened all over Brazil except in two states. Bolsonaro appears shocked by this result. He has neither accepted nor challenged the election results. People believe that in revenge, Bolsonaro may try to complicate things for Lula.

The highway police of Brazil recorded almost 342 incidents of roadblocks. All of this happened by Monday night. South Brazil saw the biggest protests after the loss. Bolsonaro’s administration reduced the prices of fuel. This gave huge benefits to lorry drivers. That is why lorry drivers are at the front of these protests.

After the loss, Bolsonaro went to his room and slept. Some high officials came to the presidential palace. It is not clear whether they met Bolsonaro himself or not. Later, Bolsonaro left his presidential palace and went to his office. People are eagerly waiting for his statement after the agonizing loss. But it seems that he is not in the mood to give a statement.

It is a fact that Bolsonaro never wanted to leave this exotic post. He is famous for giving extreme statements about his position. He once said that only ‘God’ could remove him from his office. We don’t know whether it is his ignorance or overconfidence. He also publicly expressed his disbelief in the voting system.

These things are pretty normal nowadays. We must give him some time to Mr. Bolsonaro to adjust to the changing conditions now. On the other hand, Lula has made a fantastic comeback. He said that he would govern all Brazilians. Many countries continue to congratulate Mr. Lula and Brazil.

Credits: BBC

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