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There was a big blast in Crimea. The blast happened on a bridge. The bridge led Russia to Crimea. A lorry explosion was the main reason behind this, as per investigators. The officials confirmed that the explosion had killed three people.

The victims were reportedly sitting or traveling in a car. The car was near the lorry. The lorry explosion had a big impact that killed the members in the vehicle. A small part of the bridge also broke down and fell. Russia annexed Crimea in 2014. However, this bridge was a significant sign of the annexation.

Mykhailo Podolyak is an Advisor to Ukrainian president Zelensky. He did not claim direct responsibility for the attack. But the text he presented showcased something else. He wrote, “Crimea, the bridge, the beginning”. He also mentioned that whatever Russia stole from Ukraine should get back.

The Defense Ministry said that two major evil symbols of Russia’s power in Crimea got destroyed. The Ukrainian government also responded in a positive yet indirect manner. The Russian government and its Foreign ministry took this opportunity to accuse Ukraine. They called it Ukraine’s ‘terrorist nature.

The bridge was quite crucial for Russia. Mr. Putin inaugurated the bridge himself. The bridge transported ammunition, equipment, and military requirements during the war. So, the bridge was a valid and intelligent target. Ukrainian population also hailed the lorry explosion as it made a major impact.

Crimea and Russia both accepted the attack. Both of them accused Ukraine of this. However, they continue to say that the bridge will get restored. Both governments have also initiated an investigation on their level.

The bridge is the longest in Europe. It runs for almost 19 km. The bridge is nearly 100 miles away from the mainland of Ukraine. Experts also claimed that the lorry explosion was a planned attack. Ukraine is making its position stronger in this long war.

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